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Raising a dog's daily routine


In generally speaking, Dog's feeding, it is best to feed two meals a day.

In particular, growing dogs around the age of 1 will feed two meals a day. It is enough for an adult dog to feed one meal a day in the morning . If fed in the evening, it will lead to indigestion in the dog, the abdomen tends to be hypertrophy, affecting the body shape and causing obesity.

Dogs up to 1 year old can be fed 5 times a day. Puppies within 3 months should be fed 4 times a day. Puppies up to 2 months are best fed 5 times a day. The number of feedings of puppies within one month of age has to be increased appropriately. When the dog has no appetite, he can be hungry for a day to restore the appetite. Some dogs are not necessarily fed in the traditional way, and the number of feedings varies depending on the type of Dog Food. For example, dachshunds like to eat dry dog feed, can feed more than 4 times a day, but the amount can not be too much. If you want to change to a semi-dry dog, because the dog nutrition is relatively high, the number of feedings per day is relatively small. In short, dogs should not be fed too much.
Dogs also need vegetables and fruits
When the dog walks outdoors, sometimes the dog will smash the weeds and the sand. This phenomenon is often caused by insufficient dogs to eat vegetables.
If the dog only eats meat, liver and other foods, its digestive function of the pseudo-stomach will decrease, the amount of gastric acid secretion will increase, and there will be nausea, and a yellow mucus-like foam will be spit out. Sometimes constipation occurs, as well as microvascular bleeding of the mucous membranes and skin of the gums. It also causes the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels, which can easily cause cerebral hemorrhage. For the above reasons, the dog must be given the right amount of raisins and fruits. If the dog refuses to eat, the vegetables and fruits can be chopped and mixed into the food for feeding.
Dogs eat bright hair
Generally, a dog with a shiny coat is very healthy. The color of the dog's coat is mainly food and parasites in the body.
Newborn puppies should not drink milk
Many healthy puppies experience diarrhea and vomiting after drinking milk, and even severe dehydration can occur. This is because the composition of dog's milk and milk is completely different. Dog milk contains high protein, high fat and low lactose, while milk contains low protein, low fat and high lactose. The opposite is true for the dog's stomach. Absorption and digestion.
Puppies can't just eat meat
Some people think that feeding the dog with the best meat can make it grow stronger. In fact, feeding the dog in this way is not only expensive, but also causes diarrhea in most dogs, resulting in indigestion. In addition, vitamins, vitamin D and vitamin E are also absent from meat.
Under normal circumstances, if the meat is fed too much, or only the meat-fed puppy (3-12 months old), the bones are not strong because the proportion of calcium and phosphorus in the meat is out of balance. In other words, it is less calcium and more phosphorus, causing malnutrition in the puppy and producing rickets.
Our company's complete milk dog food, fruit and vegetable dog food, real meat beef jerkey dog food, founctional dog food can help your dog to take in many aspects of nutrition and improve immunity.

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