Causes of Normal Hair Loss

Feb. 21, 2021

Causes of Normal Hair Loss

Under normal circumstances, German Shepherd will shed hair in the autumn and two seasons. This is a characteristic of many of them. It is called moulting. During the moulting stage, parents should often comb the German Shepherd’s hair. Add some German animal husbandry fish oil, which can promote the blood circulation of German animal husbandry fur and restore the metabolic function of German animal husbandry. Use half a spoon or one spoonful. When the sun is shining, take Demu out to play more and let it bask in the sun more.

Usually, you don’t need to bathe too frequently when you help Demu take a bath. In summer, you should wash it every two weeks, depending on the body odor and dust on Demu’s body. Wash it once a month in winter. Don’t use your parents’ shampoo for bathing. To avoid destroying the protective layer on the skin of Demu, it is best to use a special shampoo.

Causes of Normal Hair Loss

Reasons for Abnormal Hair Loss

If German Shepherd is not in the molting season, but large areas of body hair fall off, parents should consider whether it is the cause of the disease. The taste of German Shepherd is relatively mild, and the food should not be too salty. If German Shepherd eats human food for a long period of time, it will cause German Shepherd to shed hair, and excessive salt will cause German Shepherd’s kidney problems.



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