The Cost of Raising a Cat is Lower than Raising a Dog

Feb. 23, 2021

The cost of raising a cat is lower than raising a dog. Cats do not occupy much indoor space. They are arrogant and clingy. They are soft and cute. Many people choose to feed cats as small pets. Recently, some parents reported that cats have no appetites and are depressed. It looks sluggish and very uncomfortable. It is very worrying to reverse the appearance of his usual cheerful personality. Is a cat's lack of appetite sick? What is the cause of cats' poor appetite? The root cause of cats' poor appetite.


Cats lose their appetite 1. The estrus period. Cats generally just start the estrus period around the age of 6-8 months. The estrus period is once every 14-21 days, and each estrus period is 3-6 days. The prescribed breeding time is 2- Three days. During the estrus period, cats will be abnormally upset, except for scratching objects and urinating constantly. Some cats will continue to mainly show poor appetite, and cat food or snacks for kittens that they usually love are not as crazy as before.


Cats lose their appetite. Second, the diet is unscientific. If kittens and cat foods expire or are not of good quality or do not meet the taste of the cat, they will also cause loss of appetite. Parents do not need to change the cats all at once. It is possible to replace one-third of the old food, and then wait for the cat to gradually get used to it, and then replace all the new kitten cat food. Otherwise, the cat is likely to be less habitual.

 The Cost of Raising a Cat is Lower than Raising a Dog

Cats lose their appetite 3. Depressed, cats will also have poor appetites when they are in a bad mood. For example, when a new pet is coming at home, the owner's focus is on the new pet, and the cat will be unhappy. Or if your parents are too busy at work and don't have time to play with your cat, they will think that you don't love it anymore, and you will have poor appetite.

Cats lack of appetite Fourth, gastrointestinal disorders, cats gastrointestinal disorders, no appetite items. Take your cat to a pet clinic immediately. You can also bring cat food with probiotic powder that can promote digestion.


Cats lose their appetite. Five, hairballs, cats have the habit of cleaning themselves, they will lick themselves clean and tidy. During the whole process of licking and sucking the coat, part of the hair will be swallowed into the abdomen. If it accumulates for a long time, it will get hair bulb disease. The clinical symptoms are poor appetite, lack of energy, unsmooth hair, and severe constipation.



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